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If you have a holiday property in Bulgaria that you want to sell, but you are experiencing difficulties – then we can help you with this.

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Our experts are always at your disposal to answer all your questions related to the sale of your property.

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We will consult you, make an analysis and prepare the right strategy for selling your property. With the right advertising company, we will achieve the best results in a short time.

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We work with only one party and protect your interests as a seller. This way we guarantee you the best selling price!


Our focus is on working with one of the countries we represent. As a real estate seller, we will offer you several models of work, from which you have a choice.

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Frequently asked questions about the sale of a holiday property in Bulgaria

Properly formed price is the basis of a successful sale. If you trust us and decide to work with us, we will inspect, evaluate and analyze your property and the market to make an assessment.

It depends on many factors: the current state of the market, whether there is sufficient demand; the condition of the property and the area in which it is located; the way it is filmed and presented on the market through a good advertising campaign; and last but not least – a correctly determined offer price. We can offer solutions with which to realize the sale of your property in the shortest possible time.

This is up to you! We offer various service packages, giving the customer the opportunity to choose for themselves. Contact our consultants to receive an offer.

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