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Discover your second home in the most unique corners of Bulgaria

Bulgaria ranks first among the countries in Europe that offer excellent conditions for vacations and a large selection of vacation properties at relatively affordable prices. Thanks to its geographical features, good climatic conditions and the variety of territories for recreational activities, in Bulgaria you can find properties that can be used as a holiday home during all four seasons of the year. The Black Sea coast provides excellent conditions for rest in the summer, and the mountain resorts in the winter. You may find your second home in one of the beautiful Spa resorts or golf villages, why not in a picturesque village near the sea or nestled in the foothills of the mountains.

Four main directions for buying a holiday property in Bulgaria

Seaside properties

Undoubtedly, the most desirable destination for buying a vacation property in Bulgaria is the Black Sea coast. There is a large selection of real estate in all its parts – northern, central and southern. Characteristic for the Black Sea are large holiday villages of a closed type, which offers a various opportunities for recreation, entertainment and sports.

Northern Black Sea coast

The most preferred areas for buying vacation properties on the Bulgarian Northern Black Sea coast are the resort areas around the city of Varna – Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Elena, as well as in the Dobrich region – Kavarna and Balchik. The Northern Black Sea coast is characterized by beautiful bays with picturesque cliffs and crystal clear water. One of the most popular resorts in the country – Albena – is located in the heart of the “Dobričh Riviera”. Although there are no properties available for sale in the resort itself, there are villa areas and small villages in the immediate vicinity where houses and villas can be found. The hottest spot for golf in Bulgaria is located in the Dobrich region, known as the “Bulgarian Golf Riviera”.

Панорамна гледка от голф игрището на Трейшън Клифс

The “sea capital” Varna is a place that can be your second home, where you can spend your summer vacation, but also a place to live all year round. The largest city in North-Eastern Bulgaria has an infrastructure to satisfy even the most demanding person. The beautiful sea garden and the promenade of Varna are a great place for a walk during the hot summer days. The resort zones – Kabakum, St. St. Konstantin and Elena, Golden Sands, located on the outskirts of the city, offer the best beach conditions. There are many mineral sources on the territory of Varna municipality. The mineral water in the oldest seaside resort of St. Constantine and Elena, has proven healing properties, which makes it a place with wonderful conditions for a spa. In each of these places you can find a large selection of holiday properties for sale that will become your second home in Bulgaria.

Central Black Sea coast

One of the most popular areas for buying a seside holiday property on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is the municipality of Nessebar, which is home to the town of the same name, Ravda, Saint Vlas and the resort complexes Sunny Beach and Elenite. In this part of the coast, the choice of holiday properties for sale is large. Here you will find holiday complexes with apartments and houses, offering ideal conditions for a summer holiday. With its rich infrastructure and spacious beaches, the largest summer resort Sunny Beach offers a wide variety for those looking for a more active lifestyle. Sunny Beach is a world-famous destination and undoubtedly the most popular place on the Bulgarian coast, with numerous hotel complexes that have restructured over the years and started offering apartments for sale, turning into apart-hotels. This type of property is a great option for investment by renting out on the principle of AirBnB.

Несебър - Мелницата и стария град

If you want to live in a more peaceful environment, with clean and cool air, then Saint Vlas and Elenite are the most suitable place for you. In the period 2005 – 2015, Saint Vlas experienced its construction renaissance, thanks to Dinevi Group – one of the largest construction and investment companies in Bulgaria. It is one of the first construction companies in Bulgaria that builds closed holiday villages, as a result of which Saint Vlas is deservedly ranked among the “Pearls of the Bulgarian Black Sea”. The infrastructure built by the company formed the holiday village “Dinevi Resort”, which includes over 50 holiday complexes with apartments and villas, yacht port “Marina Dinevi”, beautiful sandy beaches with the distinction “Blue Flag”, an amphitheater with a church, shopping streets with shops and restaurants, sports facilities and lots of greenery.

Свети Влас - панорамна гледка към яхтелното пристанище Марина Диневи

Southern Black Sea Coast

The resort villages and towns located in the southern part of the Bulgarian coast are one of the most preferred destinations for vacations and the purchase of a holiday property. This part of the Black Sea coast is characterized by long and wide beaches with numerous campsites. In the area of the regional city of Burgas, which is also the capital of the region, holiday properties can be found in Sarafovo and Kraimorie. Only 30 km south, there is one of the most beautiful and ancient sea towns – Sozopol.

Созопол - централния плаж и стария град

It is here that one of the largest closed holiday villages on the entire Black Sea coast was built – Santa Marina and Green Life Resort. Sozopol with its old town attracts many tourists, becoming one of the most visited places during the summer season. On the outskirts of the city you can find wonderful sandy beaches where you can enjoy your vacation. Further south are Primorsko, Lozenets and Tsarevo – three wonderful destinations for buying seaside property. Although Lozenets has the status of a village, this place has undergone a lot of development in recent years and is currently one of the hottest spots on the coast and a favorite place for summer vacations.

Mountain properties

The most popular destinations for buying mountain vacation properties are the three major ski resorts in Bulgaria – Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo, which are the main centers of attraction for winter tourism. In addition to winter sports enthusiasts, this type of property provides excellent conditions for vacations in almost all four seasons.

Pirin mountain area

Pirin National Park is located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria and is part of Blagoevgrad district. At the foot of its highest peak, Vihren (2914m), is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Balkans – Bansko. The mountain resort town has a rich historical and architectural heritage. Several of the “100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria” are located here.

Банско на фона на връх Снежанка

But Bansko is among the most preferred mountain destinations mainly thanks to its ski infrastructure. The ski area of Bansko has 75 km of ski slopes, 90% of which are covered with snow cannons, as well as a gondola lift that leads from Bansko to the ski area “Bunderishka Polyana”. In Bansko you can find a large selection of holiday properties. This is the mountain resort where the most construction projects have been implemented over the years. The area offers mainly apartments in gated complexes and apart-hotels. On the outskirts of Bansko, in Razlozhka Dolina, there are several large-scale projects, one of which is the “Pirin Golf” holiday village. Other preferred destinations for buying mountain properties in this area are Banya and Dobrinishte.

Rila mountain area

Rila – undoubtedly one of the most picturesque mountains in Bulgaria, where the highest peak of the Balkans – Musala – is located. Borovets is located in the heart of the Rila massif – the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is located at 1350m above sea level at the foot of Mount Musala. The proximity of Borovets to the capital makes it one of the preferred places for vacations and buying a second home in the mountains by residents of the capital. The infrastructure of the resort provides an opportunity for a full-fledged vacation during the four seasons of the year. For lovers of winter sports, Borovets offers 58 km of well-maintained ski slopes, a cable car and several chair lifts.

Боровец - ски лифт Ситняково


During the remaining three seasons you can enjoy wonderful hiking and mountain biking trails. In Borovets, the choice of real estate for sale is significantly more limited, compared to other winter resorts. The less developed resort, surrounded by pine forests, provides a peaceful and cozy environment for a fulfilling holiday. Therefore, this destination is most suitable and preferred by people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. In addition to Borovetsmountain vacation properties in this area can be found in Samokov, Govedartsi, Beli Iskar, Kostenets.

Rhodopi mountain area

The Rhodopes are the largest mountain massif in Bulgaria, located in the southernmost part of the country, on the border with Greece. On its territory there are many natural attractions such as the Miraculous Bridges, the Devil’s Throat, Snezhanka cave, picturesque villages that have preserved their authentic old Bulgarian appearance, as well as beautiful winter resorts offering excellent conditions for ski tourism. The most popular destination in this area is Pamporovo.


The ski resort is located in the central part of the Rhodopes, at 1650 m above sea level, only 80 km south of Plovdiv. It is part of Smolyan municipality. Pamporovo is one of the largest winter resorts in Bulgaria. At the foot of Mount Snezhanka, you can enjoy 20 ski slopes with a total length of over 60 km. If you want to find your second home in this mountainous area, in Pamporovo you have a large selection of apartments in closed complexes and apart-hotels. Mountain properties can also be found in the immediate vicinity of Pamporovo, in Chepelare, the area of the town of Smolyan and the village of Stoykite.

Golf properties

Bulgaria is one of the popular destinations in Europe, offering excellent conditions for a golf holiday. If you like this type of sport, then you can become the owner of vacation properties in golf complexes located near Sofia, in the mountains or on the seashore.

Seaside golf properties

On the Northern Black Sea coast, on the territory between Balchik and Kavarna, known as the “Bulgarian golf riviera”, three of the largest golf resorts in Bulgaria are located in close proximity to each other – Lighthouse Golf and Spa, Black Sea Rama and Treshen Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort offering seaside golf properties for sale. Each of these holiday villages offers an 18-hole golf course, as well as all the necessary amenities for the perfect holiday, combined with the charm of the sea. The location of those golf complexes is unique, on cliffs overhanging the sea, from where a breathtaking sea panorama is revealed. According to many industry experts, it is one of Europe’s best value golf destinations, combining excellent golf infrastructure, good accommodation, a warm climate, beautiful beaches and delicious local cuisine. The prices of the Golf properties in the area are some of the most competitive you will find in Europe. If budget is a determining factor in your choice of golf destination, you can’t go wrong with the “Bulgarian Golf Riviera”, which doesn’t mean it’s at the expense of quality.

Панорамна гледка от голф клуб Блек Сий Рама


Mountain Golf Properties

Golf properties can also be found in the mountain areas of Bulgaria. In the immediate vicinity to the city of Bansko is located one of the largest golf complexes in the country – Pirin Golf. The facility was built at the foot of Pirin Mountain, on a 150-hectare site. Pirin Golf Holiday Village is an excellent combination of golf, mountains, skiing and spa, in which different types of properties are offered for sale – apartments, townhouses and luxury villas. No doubt, Pirin Golf is one of the golf villages in Bulgaria that provides more than good conditions for a vacation in all four seasons of the year.

SPA properties

Bulgaria is one of the leading spa destinations in Europe, as there are over 700 mineral springs on its territory. The healing properties of the mineral water were discovered in ancient times by the Thracians and the Romans, who built and developed their cities mainly around the mineral springs. Nowadays, spa resorts in Bulgaria offer a variety of wellness services and a large selection of vacation properties for sale.

Seaside SPA destinations 

There are several resort towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast that are popular not only as a beach destination in the summer, but also as Spa destinations, as you can enjoy excellent balneo and spa treatments in them. In whichever part of the coast you are, you can find a spa resort nearby. On the Northern Black Sea coast, popular spa resorts are Albena, Balchik, St. Constantine and Elena and Golden Sands. Undisputed leader in this area is St. Constantine and Elena with its seven mineral springs and 110 years of history in Spa and balneo treatment. At the moment, these resorts mainly offer apartments for sale in newly built holiday complexes, and houses can be found on their outskirts. In the central part of the Black Sea, Pomorie is the most familiar and desired Spa destination by many. The resort town is best known for its “Pomorie Lake”, whose mud and lye have exceptional healing properties. In the center of the city is the rehabilitation hospital, which is the largest mud treatment center not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkans. Precisely because of this unique combination of sea and Spa, Pomorie is one of the most desirable destinations for buying a vacation property on the Bulgarian coast.

Mountain SPA destinations

If you want to become the owner of a vacation property that is in a place that has Spa facilities, but is necessarily to by located in the mountains, then you have a large choice of destinations. The mountain Spa resorts in Bulgaria are scattered all over the territory. The so-called “SPA capital of Bulgaria” – Velingrad, offers a largest variety of mineral springs with different chemical composition and temperature. Their properties have a healing effect on the musculoskeletal system and neurological diseases, but also in hypertension, gynecological diseases, renal-urological and gastrointestinal diseases. Another famous resort is Separeva Banya, located only 70 km from the capital Sofia, where the hottest mineral spring in Bulgaria springs with a temperature of 103ºС. In the area near Sofia is the town of Kostenets, which also offers excellent Spa conditions, as there are plenty of warm mineral springs here. In the southwestern part of the country, destinations with excellent conditions for mountain Spa tourism are Sandanski, Ognyanova and the village of Banya, located next to Bansko.



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